Eat healthy, stay beautiful, be happy!

Языковой центр G8 и Panama Creative Space приглашают вас в G8 English Club – Разговорный английский клуб.

Ведущая встречи: Mary
Тема встречи: Eat healthy, stay beautiful, be happy!

— Why vegetarian topic is so trendy nowadays?
— Is it possible to stay muscled, strong and beautiful it I take vegetarian diet?
— Will I loose weight if I become vegetarian?
— How can I loose weight what should you eat to stay healthy, slim and beautiful?
— Why many calories is not that bad sometimes?
— How can you eat bread and stay perfect?
— Why some men have belly when they reach 45 year old, and the others don’t
— How foreigners see the conception of eating healthy
— Why eating sugar is bad and how can you substitute it?
— Why so many people choose being vegetarian?
— What is Ayurveda and how can it help you?
— The fact why you should immediately stop drinking cow milk?

Дата: 27.02.18, 19.00 – 20.30
Место встречи: Panama Creative Space, Курортный проспект 31
Требования: уровень английского от A2-B1 (pre-intermediate)
Стоимость: 200 р.

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